HR Align

Human Capital is perhaps one of the most important and critical factors for any Realty organisation, being a people-intensive sector.
At Panchshil, we firmly believe that our people are our most important resource and our core strength. Therefore, all our activities, policies and practices are people-centric.

In today’s ever-evolving and competitive environment, rapid response to changing markets and conditions is important. Businesses are influenced by technological advancements, law amendments, threats from emerging markets and shifts in social trends and fashions. Keeping these in mind, an intensive skill-gap analysis is conducted at Panchshil resulting in a vigorous training and development schedule for our people. We believe that it is critical to have highly skilled employees who work towards creating 'class-apart' landmarks and provide exceptional services. The training objective is to not only enhance domain skills, but also improve skills related to interpersonal communication – an important feature for personal and professional life. Through training, we nurture and mentor our employees to be valuable contributors to the growth of the organisation, seek greater job satisfaction and aspire to a progressive career path.

Our focus is to develop professionals who manage themselves and to instil a sense of ownership at work. Delegation of work and the freedom of authority empowers and differentiates Team Panchshil. We encourage our people to innovate and find newer ways to achieve results and learn from experience. This keeps our people motivated, focused and better prepared to deal with future situations.

Just as an organisation needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, people also need the right environment to grow and achieve their career goals. The environment at Panchshil gives you the unmistakable feeling of being at the right place with the right kind of people. Not surprisingly, Panchshil has seen negligible attrition in the recent past.

At Panchshil, we believe in having a good work-life balance. The Panchshil Engagement Program (PEP) was established with an intention to strengthen the bonds between employees and to encourage and develop hidden aspirations and talents through participation in various events. From quizzes to sports to dance and cultural events, there is always excitement and fun at all PEP events. PEP gives everyone the opportunity to establish relationships that extend beyond work and thus helps build bonds that make work more fun.

Our aim at Panchshil is to be a preferred employer by providing a culture of growth, continuous training, fair practices and an excellent work environment.

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