Greetings from the Panchshil Expat Club!

Pune has long been an industrial city, with a multitude of international companies from varying sectors setting up factories and offices here. People from different countries and walks of life have made Pune their home, because their work and careers have brought them to this lovely emerging metropolis in this vibrant country.

Life in a foreign city and country however, far away from home is surely not easy! A yearning to experience the familiar sounds and smells of 'home' often make us home-sick. It's no cake-walk for an expat, in a strange city! But, life carries on, and it's business as usual on most days of the week.

'A Home away from Home' is what the Panchshil Expat Club promises its members. The club is a consortium of people from different countries, residing in Pune, either with their families or alone. The Panchshil Expat Club caters to all the requirements of expats in Pune, to ensure them a truly happy stay in the city. This is the place for expats to meet and socialise with other expats, exchange ideas, know more about local customs, attend events and shows - a club for expats to feel at home, with their families and friends. The club also caters to various day-to-day services and facilities that expats can benefit from, to make life more comfortable in Pune.

Panchshil Expat Club invites you and your family to become our members and be a part of a truly inspiring 'world family' at the club. Membership to the club for expats and their families is free, and so are the services and benefits we offer to you. Do feel free to refer or invite your friends and colleagues to register with the Panchshil Expat Club, and be a part of this radiant family.

On registering with us, you will receive your membership details and information of all the benefits you will be entitled to.

Be a part of the ‘WORLD FAMILY’!


Disclaimer: Panchshil Expat Club reserves the exclusive rights to accept/alter/deny membership/benefits.

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